This is a post regarding an unrecognized transaction through my Paypal account. Here’s the story:

Oct 27, I checked my Unionbank account online to see my current balance, and to my surprise, this popped-up on my statement of account.


I was partly in shock when I read this as I had not ordered anything from Shakeys, nor would I use my Paypal account to buy food there. So I checked my history in Paypal, and I saw this:


The first one “Transfer from Credit Card” was not able to push through for whatever reason, but the second one, deducted me 1493.88php for unknown reasons. I further investigated, and found this.


Yes, whoever used my paypal account, ordered these. I was in shock because here I am, wanting to eat pizza, and he got it for free!

I used the Dispute a Transaction button found under “Resolution Center” and followed through the steps. I was planning to call Paypal but they only had international numbers I am not capable of calling. I was not bringing my hopes up due to this.

A friend suggested we should call Shakey’s and ask about what had happened. Lucky him, he was able to get to their number while I only had a continuous busy tone. To cut the story short, after giving details, Shakeys would not give any information about the person who was able to use my Paypal account to transact. My friend was asked to call the bank involved to ask about what I was supposed to do. Which I did the next day after.

Talking to Unionbank’s CSR, I was asked several details for verification, I told them Shakey’s would not give any information about the person. I was told they were supposed to since it was my card involved in the situation. Anyway, after some discussion with their representative, I was asked to make a letter of dispute to be sent to their e-mail, which of course, I did.

2 days later, they e-mailed me back asking for the following a duly signed letter of dispute, and a copy of the front and back panel of my card. And this, I quote, “Please note that you can only dispute a transaction 120 days from transaction posting date. The dispute processing time would be 15-85 calendar days.”

Upon reading that, I decided not to pursue my complain. It’s too much hassle and it takes too long.

But then, Paypal e-mailed me in Oct 31:

Recently, you told us that you didn’t recognize a payment sent from your
PayPal account. We are currently investigating the following transaction: 

I was amazed on that, but I thought, it might be just your usual CSR courtesy reply or something

But, Nov 3 came, sent me a mail

We’ve finished reviewing your unauthorized activity claim and you’ll
receive a refund for the transaction amount. It may take up to 5 business
days for the funds to appear in your account.

I hoped and checked my account everyday since then. Nov. 5, I found this.




Checking my Paypal account history, The transaction was reversed and I was refunded the amount that was gone.

I actually did not expect that one to come along but it’s nice to know they are actually doing something. I don’t know if Unionbank has something to do with the refund, but given the things they wanted me to do, I think not. But at least, Paypal did something to fix the issue, and quite fast as well.

So I posted here in case someone encounters the same and do not know what to do.