Update 2022: Kenji Tei at Lucky Chinatown mall is already closed.

Out of the blue, it was a mutual decision for all of us to dine out. Part of which was because it’s already quite some time when we last did but also because none of us wanted to cook that night as well. Like usual, we didn’t want to be too far away from home so it was an obvious decision to end up in Lucky Chinatown Mall, which is 10 minutes away.

We ended up in Kenji Tei, which just recently opened its branch in Binondo. Since we pretty much tried all restaurants here already, it was a fresh breeze to encounter a new place amidst everything else, so we did just that.

First of all, the place does not accept credit cards. And we were only informed when we were done ordering. Good thing we had cash, but how would it go if we didn’t? The same thing happened to the table beside us. They should have a sign or something that says that otherwise it would be offending to be ‘kicked out’ just because you can’t pay upfront.

Curry Chicken Ramen – P375 (large) P285 (regular)

Anyway, Kenji Tei’s large Curry Ramen can serve 2-3 people. It was honestly nothing special- mild taste with a hint of spiciness, but it’s definitely homemade. The leek and spring onion balances out the taste of the curry and the noodles are also good.

Curry Ramen (bro’s) rating – would be willing to try their other food /10 

Crispy Chicken Teriyaki – P265; Japanese rice – P7

Tried it out because it sounded interesting. The taste is very rich in flavor, greatly complemented by the crispiness. It will be overwhelming to eat without rice (separate order, really small serving). The shredded cabbage and cucumber would help out removing the umay factor, but for people who aren’t fans of raw veggies, do prepare for a very savory meal.

Crispy Chicken Teriyaki rating – 7.5 /10

Katsudon – P305

First of all, I’d like to comment on the fact that the Katsudon is soupy. Call me ignorant but I find it really weird.

Normally, I order Katsudon whenever I eat in Japanese Restaurants, just because I love Katsudon, but I was not in the mood for it today lol. Mom got it though so at least I got to try it.

Kenj Tei’s Katsudon…. was ordinary, even greatly emphasizing on that fact considering the price. Filling, but you won’t look for it at all, and I probably won’t order it again. Yabu pa rin! lol

Katsudon rating – 6 /10

Tamago sushi (2pcs) – P110; Unagi (eel) sushi (2pcs) – P185

My mom loves eggs. She even boils at least 1 egg every day to eat daily (totally different story). So of course she ordered the Tamago sushi.

It was dry and just ‘okay.’

Tamago sushi rating – 7 /10

Unagi sushi! Because why not! This grilled eel marinated in savory sauce reminds me of the chicken teriyaki I also just had. The eel did not taste fresh though. But I still love unagi sushi so there’s that.

Unagi sushi rating: 7.5/10

Service is not the greatest. Have to remind on the glasses of water I asked for. And when my bro’s chopsticks fell on the ground, the server returned it to us. Seems like the crews aren’t fully trained yet to operate.

Giving this restaurant a 6.5/10 overall rating, and I won’t be eating here anytime soon.