First semester’s over for a lot of schools. My sister will finally be able to get decent rest after months of sleepless nights. One of the things that kept her going during those tiring times was because of one of her teachers who was able to jive with their batch like a respected friend.

My sister would almost always talk about how this teacher is inspiring her through tough times. She even mentioned that she wants to teach too because of him. That’s how much impacts she brings to my sibling, and I’m sure some of her batchmates feel the same way. He acknowledges and appreciates their efforts and was able to capture the heart of their batch in as easy as less than a semester.


Not that that point is entirely related to this post, but this teacher was the one who told my sister and her batchmates about Ecosia, a search engine that donates to organizations that focus on tree planting launched in December 2009. My sister suggested for me to use it a number of times that I thought it would also be nice to share this simple act to help mother nature in this digital era. After all, I love nature too. And we can’t overlook how bad the situation is with our mother earth.

Ecosia works simple. All you have to do is use it as a search engine (you can add it as extension to your browser) and you can help mother earth and its deforestation. I personally set it as my default search engine and added in on my Chrome’s bookmark menu, too.

You can read more about what Ecosia does here. They update their site on progress if you’re up for knowing! Currently, they’ve helped plant 5 million trees and counting, and I’m proud to say that I’ve contributed to that just by doing my daily routines.

Go green. Use Ecosia.