For those who’s been reading  my blog for a while now, you might have realize by now that I’m a little addicted to journaling. Recently, I’m obsessing with Bullet Journaling and been a little active on one of the international BuJo Facebook Groups – Bullet Journal Junkies. One of my fellow members in the same group asked about morning routines slash miracle mornings and it got me intrigued. One of the comments lead on to an article by Kara of Boho Berry which I followed through and read on. It piqued my interest.

Miracle Morning  by Hal Elrod is apparently a revolutionary and life changing self-help book that gets motivated to advance the paths you want to take. It has a heaping 4.6 out of 5 rating by almost 2,000 users and over 80% of that is a 5 star. (I’m actually someone who religiously checks a book’s review before getting anythings so I was in awe when I found out, I knew I needed to read it.) While I was going through the reviews, I came across Miracle Mornings for Writers by Hal Elrod and Steve Scott for a more specific (obvious) purpose.


However, as much as I wanted to have a hard copy of the book and as much as I hate reading digital files, it was already pretty expensive to begin with, and shipping it to my place would be gold. I’m not sure if we have it locally, and I was dying to read it so I took the dreaded road of buying a digital copy that I can just read on my Amazon Kindle app through my Android phone.

Gotta be honest I haven’t started my miracle routine yet since I’m only on Chapter 2 (the process) as of now. But reading through it already makes me inspired and motivated and I can’t wait to give it a go. So I decided to blog about the progress and process and see where it takes me.

The Process – Life SAVERS


A key habit to stop and breathe. Quiet the mind and indulge in peace to set distractions aside and focus on what’s important. This will be going on as the first page in my journal once I get a hold of my upcoming one.

Hal and Steve gave a list of suggestion to get started, and after assessment, I’m going for meditation and prayer.


Setting up a mindset and following simple steps in doing so.

Step 1 – Knowing what I want to commit to and why. In this case, writing. I want to inspire people.

Step 2 – Doing and dissecting the actions for your commitment specifically. I want to write a piece of 600-1000 words every single day every 9-12 in the morning no matter what happens during the rest of the day.

Step 3 – Recite your affirmations with emotions. Not just to feel good, but to engineer my subconscious with my overall mindset to make sure it actually impacts me.

Step 4- Update your affirmations regularly. 


Use your imagination to create what you want. Visualize the specific actions necessary to make my goals a reality.


Start mornings with personal success routine exercises, like jogging.


Read on success stories that will inspire and give you more knowledge in your chosen aspect. Summarize key ideas to your journal


Document you insights, ideas, realizations, successes and lessons learned

Today, I plan to organize my Miracle Morning on how I think it would work for me, try ti out tomorrow and gauge, and adjust it accordingly. That’s the thing about this book. It’s not telling you to do things you don’t like, but is asking you to tailor it what works for you.