“You don’t need to be Shakespeare,

writing is not a ghost so have no fear,

pick a pen and just begin,

use these steps to find effectivity from within.”

Somewhat turning into a poet now.. or maybe not.

For writers who just writes as a hobby, their moods matter significantly if they’ll write or postpone it. But for those who write for a living, discipline and productivity is extremely necessary to pay the bills. And that is one of the challenges.

Here are 5 easy ways to be an effective writer:


Taking attention and maintaining it is the number 1 rule in writing. If intros don’t get a readers attention, then the whole thing is valueless.


Before you venture into writing about a topic, knowing enough about it yourself is necessary. You do not want to convey wrong information or ideas to your readers.


Imagination is a writer’s best friend. In order to win the hearts of your readers, imagine yourself in their shoes. Surround yourself completely with the topic you are writing upon. Let the power of your mind come into action and let it guide your hands. And to be able to produce results, you need to be able to deal with the number one writer’s dilemma.


The opinion and the demand of the masses is what you need to be well aware of in order to make your work popular and well appreciated. For this, let a few samples of your writing come across some established writers, people of the community you are targeting and your family and friends. Be open to suggestions as well as criticism. Starting a blog of your own is a good step in this direction. You can use sites like Blogspot, WordPress, Weebly, Blogger etc. and share your work with the world. It may seem like no one’s reading them. It does come to that point. But everyone starts at that.


In order to focus all your energy into the task at hand, surround yourself with a peaceful and a comfortable environment. You can use apps like AntiSocial or WriteRoom to prevent distracting messages from social media. We are all aware of the saying “Practice makes a man perfect”, so, practice as much as you can.


You can use apps like WriterKata for writing exercises and ‘Prompts’ to stimulate your thinking process or following this tip. Because practice is important and there are reasons why writers should write every single day.

 If you counted, yes that’s 6. Another thing of the most important one is giving more than what the reader expects so you’ll look like be a good samaritan. Everyone likes to benefit on the time they put up and giving them more than what they wanted will just provide that. Oh and oops.. that’s 7 now.