During our grade school and high school days we were required to read a book or two in our English classes and that’s when I developed my love for reading and passion for writing. But I realized that my fondness of books stroke zero when I hit college.

I want to get my feet back to one of my first loves, so I’m making this life book bucket list of the books I want to read, re-read, and mark as a must-read in my lifetime.

One of the struggles I encountered while looking for new books to read was that not many people who leave reviews off Amazon and Goodreads give off the idea whether or not a book would fit a reader’s interest. So I decided I’ll be focusing on the point whether or not a certain book is where you want to spend your time on.


To read

My current read and what I have pending.

Must read

Book titles and brief explanations of why you should read a certain book at least once.

Book reviews

An archive of book titles with TL;DR and full-length reviews. Titles are categorized for easy browsing.