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Azelle is a Fine Arts graduate but found herself focusing on copy and feature writing for the good literal half of her waking life. When she's not writing about relevant content on When in Manila, or hopeless romantic articles on Thought Catalog, she's likely just lost in the thoughts of life, food, and travel at her blog,

  • Power Hunger

    February has come and election is fast approaching. Probably most of us have noticed how the candidates are pushing their lucks (as well as money) to the limits. Something I don’t understand is that why would anyone do such? Spending… Read More ›

  • Expectations vs. Reality

    Remember those times when you were asked by your parents what you want to have for Christmas and you spelled out Iphone? And yet, when the time came and you got yourself so excited in opening your gift and ended… Read More ›

  • My Journey

    I was that kid. That innocent little spoiled brat that enjoyed doodling over documents and writing on book pages of the words I have learned. That time when I still did not know the meaning of synonym, rhyme and a… Read More ›

  • Judgmental Paradise

    Life is a judgmental paradise. Or so I believe. We can decide what to do with our lives. To aim for success, to aim for wealth, to survive. We fulfill our duties as to what requires us. We tend to please… Read More ›