I’m a TaMaroon now

Taking an MA degree was part of my plan before I even finished my undergrad. This year, 3 years later, I had the guts to finally pursue it. I was initially torn between 5 great schools - UP-D, UP-M, DLSU, ADMU and UST. My choice became clear when I listed down 2 important things I needed … Continue reading I’m a TaMaroon now

(Not) Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day, dad. I hope at least one of us is happy. I used to be the first one to greet you this when I was younger. But now it just hurts if I do. I wanted to write all sorts of happy memories we had like most of my friends do, but honestly, I … Continue reading (Not) Happy Father’s Day

The Old Habit

My consistency in blogging is dying yet again. And worse is, I'm using my exhaustion from work as an excuse to slack off. Writing has always been my passion, but unlike others, I fail to consistently show that it is, indeed, something I love to do. Recapping the counter, I only wrote 2 on this … Continue reading The Old Habit