As some may know, I’ve been freelancing for quite some time now. I started when I was around 17 years old in college, and I remember I was one of the people who were already grinding before it became the thing it is today. Upwork hasn’t even existed yet at that time, but now it’s very difficult to register if you are in an already saturated market.

Freelancing has been a great go-to for me to earn extra money from my free time and I thought it’s time to give back to the community of aspiring freelance writers. That’s how I came up with this new passion project, Earn from Freelancing, that’s been brewing for a couple months.

It’s essentially a resource site dedicated to writers who want to take the step into freelance writing project-based, part-time, or full-time.

I’m still populating the website for content, but the gist is to provide resources that focus on getting started, getting better, and dealing with clients. All of which I believe are the primary challenges of freelance writers.

Hopefully, this new project goes well and I’m able to maintain it while also doing my work and freelancing at the same time. Please do visit the website and subscribe if this is something you’re interested in: