IT’S ON! The Binondo Siblings launched its first post!

What started as a random thought in 2016 by me and my brother has come to life. Our mutual love for food is now giving birth to our first step in creating a blog (why it took so long is most definitely NOT because procrastination AT ALL) We’ll share all our food experiences while also breaking the mainstream with honest reviews and hidden gems, all starting with Binondo.

We’ll be doing everything from scratch as I want the posts to be owned by TBS alone instead of getting it from this current blog. We’ve already prepared a short and long term plan, all we have left is the actual experience, taking photos, writing and sticking to what we need to do as consistently as possible.

Do drop by on the TBS site and allow us to guide you on the Binondo food experience, as we expand our reach to Living in Binondo, and areas near moving forward.

I would like to brush off the thought of this being a half-baked idea and quit mid-way. So y’all please be my accountability on this. lol.