Month: April 2016

Zero-Capital Business: Step No. 4 – Work

Some time a week ago, a few people reached out to me on my Facebook Page consulting me about their plans for their businesses. It didn’t take a while before I was able to pinpoint the common problem from their stories: No one is interested in my products.. I wanna give up. I’ve already advertised to a looooooot of places,

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How I started a Business with ZERO Capital

We didn’t have enough drive to do so. We didn’t have enough positivty to think that it’ll work out after some serious grind. We got lazy before even starting anything. And I’m sure it’s one of the reasons why most people aren’t able to pursue any passionate interests. We want it easy.

My Guy:Girl Friend Ratio is a 7:1 and Why I Love It

I can name 7 guy friends that I can talk to about either shit in life, or literally actual shit. And that’s how I pretty much define how I gain friends. and the 1 girl? It’s my sister and it’s probably because she has no choice but to deal with me.