1 Effective Way Not Run Out of Ideas

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If the writer’s block is the president of the Writing Problems Club, creativity drought is probably the vice president. Like seriously. the Writer’s Block is probably one of the problems keeping authors busy by their tongues. But yet again, it’s probably also linked with keeping your creative thoughts at bay after all.

Try imagining yourself swimming in a pool of praiseworthy viral-prone content ideas. Neat, isn’t it? You’ll have an endless supply of just-about-anything to write on whenever you like. But there’s one teeny weeny problem; isn’t thinking of what to write about the exact drawback a lot of writers face?

I have recently published an article on my personal blog. It’s entitled, Searching What to Write About is a Bad Idea. Then I thought, I should be sharing my own effective way on keeping my own creative juices flowing immensely, not just when I want to write, but when I need to write as well.

So exactly, what do you have to do?

…Wait for it.


Don’t you dare hang your jaw down on me. I’m serious. Get yourself a nice notebook you’ll enjoy writing on. It doesn’t need to be a freakin’ Moleskine, but if it what makes you going, then do the honors. But you’ll be wasting a lot of papers… so your call.


We value things when we feel attached to them. So what great way to start other than naming your notebook? I personally name mine Thought Cloud; I have it since 2010. BTW, besides naming, My Things Have Personalities. Don’t judge.

But I eventually grew out of the notebook so I bought a slightly bigger one, which I am now currently using.

Costs less than $3. And I love it.

Moving on, you need to jot down all your ideas whenever they come your way. I’m sure you know how ideas just suddenly spring like how we choose our words when we write. So it would be best to keep a record of your thoughts by means of having this notebook.

Well, what are you waiting for? Start now. Do some initial brainstorming. Write anything that comes to mind, whatever it is. Topics, titles, bullet points, a quote, a phrase- anything. Write each on one page. It doesn’t need to be publish-worthy ideas, just write them all down. Even your dreams make sense when you put it here. Make sure to write a few topics when you start. Don’t just leave the notebook lying around in hopes you’ll get back to it when you’re not.

Once in a while, you should also flip through you notebook and develop ideas. Personally I do this whenever I feel so, but anyone should do this at least twice a month or so. Just so you won’t end up neglecting this task or doing it in the first place is such a waste.

Having a notebook and a pen might be a simple task, but if it works wonder, then why not? Traditional brainstorming practices your mind a lot as well. Remember, Google wasn’t available during Shakespeare era but they manage to create beautiful pieces. This also saves you from the Writer’s Block. You have no excuse not to write.

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