Month: June 2015

Dealing with Writer’s Block

An infamous mysterious man is rumored to lurk behind a writer’s back; intently watching, occasionally breathing down on the neck’s of unfavorable writers, laughing at us as we bang our heads to our keyboards in agony. A blank screen sitting idle for a good 30 minutes while we venture ourselves to the thought of closing

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1 Effective Way Not Run Out of Ideas

If the writer’s block is the president of the Writing Problems Club, creativity drought is probably the vice president. Like seriously. the Writer’s Block is probably one of the problems keeping authors busy by their tongues. But yet again, it’s probably also linked with keeping your creative thoughts at bay after all.

Raise Your Middle Finger to Life and Demand for His Manager

Seriously. I’ve been asking this question all my life. I appreciate the kind thought of Elbert Hubbard coining the oh-so-familiar phrase to uplift the spirit of those sinking in adversity. But I do ponder on this proverb a lot. Because honestly, life is not all about lemons. We also have apples, grapes, cherries, peaches…. why did

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3 Reasons Why Procrastination is Good

I need to blog.. oh wait, I’ll just do it next time because I’m lazy. If only people could see my long list of drafts from all the blogs I own and my writing notebook filled with topics and titles I want to write about, I’ll probably be deemed the very symbol of “pro” in procrastination with no

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2 Reasons Why a Writer Should Write Every Single Day

I browsed through my files and noticed a document I don’t remember having. It says “attempt.doc” dating in April 2013. Of course, I double-clicked it only to find out a novel I started writing… I don’t even recall when. But one thing became crystal clear, I remember I used to write on it for hours every

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Searching for What to Write About is a Bad Idea

Ironic, isn’t it? Writers are meant to express in the form of words, but creativity drought does not choose its victim. I’m positive writers both amateur and professional encounter this at some point in their life. I’ve been earning from writing since way back second year high. But whenever I don’t have any clients to

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