Month: May 2015

+10 for Getting Mad for Pizza in SM Manila

My bro and I decided to eat out for lunch as our usual sibling date. We decided to head to SM Manila for a change. After we went up and down the escalators trying to find a good place to eat, we were left with choosing between one restaurant, and Mad for Pizza.

Why your siblings are your best buddies

Face it; once in your lifetime, you cursed your parents for having a brother or a sister. You always hoped that they are orphans adopted by your parents because you couldn’t be possibly related by blood with someone so diabolical. You’re better off without them, aren’t you? As time goes by, you realize that having

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5 things I learned from my first full time job

First posted on my LinkedIn Account What can you call a person who writes eBooks, literature, copies, SEO content, blog posts, print articles, web content, newsletters, non-fiction, does logo design, corporate branding, layout eBooks, offer sewing and crafting services via BPO, buy and sell goodies from the US and China, and run errands? Me. Right after I

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